Feb. 2011 6″ wall for Dragonshire Interiors

Sept. 2011:3″ tall pillar for E-Z Dungeons

Feb. 2011: FDG0099 E-Z TILES Rivers & Streams new tiles

Feb. 2011: FDG0057 DRAGONSHIRE Cemetery gridless tiles

Jan. 2011: FDG0061 DRAGONSHIRE Interiors E-Z Lock piller NEW

Oct. 2010: FDG0059 FAN MODEL Dungeon Walls with Windows

Oct. 2010: FDG0071 Dungeon Expansion 1 New Walls

Sept. 2010: Black Sail with skull for FDG0091 Sailing Ship

Sept. 2010: 8×10 Floor for E-Z Dungeons Deluxe Edition

Sept. 2010: 3″ Tall E-Z Lock pillar for Dungeon Expansion Set 1

Sept. 2010: Half inch wall for E-Z DUNGEONS Deluxe Edition

January 2008: Gridless streets and rooftops for E-Z Heroes

May 2008: DRAGON TILES: The Tavern Item Upgrade

April 2009: Afet’s Tower (fan created model set)

May 2009: Original E-Z Dungeons wall plugs

June 5, 2009: Prison doors (fan created mod for E-Z Dungeons)

Sept. 2009 Extra Sign Posts for Dragonshire Deluxe Set

Oct. 2009 FDG0055 Gridless Tiles

Oct. 2009 Forest pool tiles

Nov. 2009 Campaign Cartographer EZ Dungeons pack

Dec. 2009 3″ Caverns of Chaos wall section

Dec. 2009 Prototype 3D wagon model

May 2010 FDG0086 Catapult Basket

May 2010 Dragonshire Cobblestone tile

May 2010 FDG0061 Dragonshire Interiors E-Z LOCK pillar

June 2010 FDG0087 New market stall