The era of 3D printable wargames is here!

World War Tesla™ is a 15mm scale alternate-history wargame by James M. Ward (author of TSR’s Gamma World, Deities & Demigods, and Metamorphis Alpha) and Thomas A. Tullis, where Nikola Tesla’s more radical ideas such as death rays and force fields have come to fruition, changing the face of a world at war. Giant walking tanks, soldiers with rocket-packs, and flying machines armed with death rays rule the battlefield!

World War Tesla™ is the forefront of print-at-home wargaming. Say goodbye to the days of spending massive amounts of money to even have a small army to play a wargame, with World War Tesla™ even the largest vehicle can be printed for less than a dollar. All 3D printer .stl files for vehicles, troops, accessories, and even some terrain are provided, so there is no limit on how large your armies grow. If you wish to expand your army beyond the offerings in the Starter Set, inexpensive expansion sets will offer even greater variety for your games.


World War Tesla Rules F.A.Q.

The World War Tesla™ official rules F.A.Q. can be found HERE.


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