E-Z TERRAIN: Cliffs & Mountains

E-Z TERRAIN brings you the most detailed outdoor landscape card model sets available. This set, Cliffs and Mountains allows you to build fully customizable 28mm cliff terrain quickly and easily (please note that this set could easily be used for 15mm scale as well.) Our exclusive E-Z KEY design keeps all individual cliff sections perfectly aligned and eliminates shifting during play, allowing you to build massive designs without worry. Our design also allows you to have figures 'climb' wall sections and we offer hot-swappable cave openings, climbing walls and cliff ledges so you can customize your design on the fly with ease. All art is created by award winning industry artist and is in Adobe PDF format so it is Mac and PC compatible.
This PDF includes:

Highly detailed rock and river tiles
10 types of stackable cliff models
Rock bridge (variable length)
'Hot-swappable' climbing walls
'Hot-swappable' cliff ledges
'Hot-swappable' cave openings
Exclusive E-Z KEY modular design
Both 1" gridded and non-grid surfaces
'Hot-swappable' cliff tops (grass or rock surfaces)

Price: $11.99

All images and text copyright FAT DRAGON GAMES