DRAGON TILES: Tombs and Horrors

DRAGON TILES add a new dimension to boring miniature tiles...literally. We've combined 2D tiles with 3D props, allowing you to create a visually stunning tabletop for your players quickly and easily. This set expands on Dungeon Set 1 allowing you to add tombs to your dungeon designs and includes 24 large 8"x8" tiles. In addition to new 3D props for your dungeon, we've even included a large 3D gelatinous cube to confront your players. All props are designed for the novice card modeler and can be built in minutes.

This PDF includes:

24 Dungeon Tiles
"E-Z Fold" large dungeon double doors
"E-Z Fold" large dungeon double doors (broken)
One piece (non opening) sarcophagus (three styles)
Opening sarcophagus (three styles)
Stone statues (two styles)
Wooden coffin
Treasure insert for sarcophagus
Corpse insert for sarcophagus
10 foot pit trap tile with zombies in the bottom
Wall section with magic mouth cast on it
Dungeon door with magic mouth cast on it
Large gelatinous cube model
Corpse floor tile (two versions)

Price: $7.99

Add stunning tombs and crypts to your dungeon layout

Unleash the sinister gelatinous cube on your players!

Tombs and Horrors comes with all of these accessories

Texture samples from Tombs and Horrors

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