These files were developed by the modeling community and shared here free of charge. Thanks to all who have contributed.



E-Z LOCK system GSD cut file

FDG0075 Rio Draco GSD cut files

FDG0077 Dragonshire Armory GSD cut files

FDG0078 Dragonshire Ruins GSD cut files

FDG0081 Hexmaster GSDs

FDG0082 E-Z Dungeons Expansion Set 2 GDSs

FDG0083 Windmill GSDs

FDG0085 Capital City GSDs

FDG0090 Watchtower GSDs

FDG0091 Medieval Sailing Ship (Cog) GSDs

FDG0092 E-Z Future GSDs

FDG0089 E-Z Dungeons Expansion Set 3 GDSs

FDG0093 E-Z Dungeons Expansion Set 4 GDSs

FDG0095 Castle Winterhawk GDSs

FDG0096 E-Z Dungeons Expansion Set 5 GDSs

FDG0104 Realms of the Dwarf Lords Cliff & Mountains GSDs

FDG0107 E-Z Dungeons Expansion Set 7 GDSs

FDG0108 E-Z Battlefields Trenches GDSs

FDG0109 E-Z Battlefields Bridges GDSs


FDG0115 The Sea Dragon Sailing Ship GDSs


FDG0112-0120 cut files (except Sea Dragon above)