WINTERHAWK: The Watchtower

The first release in our all new CASTLE WINTERHAWK model series, The Watchtower is a 28mm scale defensive fortification. This model includes alternate parts to build a complete tower or a ruined, crumbling structure perfect for wargaming and RPGs. Our DRAGONLAYER enhanced files allow you to customize the texture art before printing, allowing you to add ivy, foliage, snow and icicles to your tower. The Watchtower comes complete with a detailed interior, stackable levels that can be added to so you can expand the height of the tower to your specifications and much more!

This model includes:

• 28mm fully detailed watchtower with options to expand height

• Multiple texture options, including bare stone, ice, snow, ivy and foliage

• 1″ grid and gridless floors

• Full 3D crenelations and optional 2D fast-build optional parts

• Multiple window options

• Optional ruined tower cap

Price: $7.50