E-Z TERRAIN: Overland Adventures brings your gaming group into the great outdoors. This set included everything you need to create massive forest based battles, all designed for the beginner card modeler. Our exclusive modular forest design allows you to hide miniatures and ubjects under each hollow section, lifting them off in individual sections as the encounter progresses. This set includes:

• Graphic Layer options that allow you to customize your models before      printing

• 1″ grid and gridless tile options

• Tiles for forest floor and forest pathways

• Large modular forest sections with hollow bottoms to hide miniatures

• Large 3D tree complete with two levels of shelves for miniatures and          can be disassembled for easy storage

• Three different tent styles

• Fallen logs in multiple diameters and lengths

• Large hollowed out tree stump

• Large hollow fallen tree trunk

• Camp fire burning

• Camp fire out

• Sharpened stakes for defensive primeter

• 3D wagon

• Full color instructions

Price: $9.99