E-Z TILES: Wilderness Set 1

E-Z TILES offer you a set of deluxe 1" scale fantasy tiles to add a new dimension to your fantasy adventure game. Each tile is fully customizable with multiple content options. Just click the items on or off in the Adobe Acrobat Layers palette to create the exact tile you want. With thousands of possible combinations, E-Z TILES is the most versatile fantasy tile system you can buy. Create forest tiles where you arrange the trees, bushes, boulders and more. Need a cave entrance? Just click it on. Perhaps a bridge to cross the stream? Just click. Stone alters, ruins, campsites and more-hundreds of combinations keep your players guessing-you have full control over each tile design before printing. TO USE THIS PRODUCT YOU MUST HAVE ADOBE ACROBAT READER 6.0 OR HIGHER!

Price: $5.99

FDG0027 Free Demo PDF

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